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  So, here's a little about the Author.

 In 1989 shortly after my 19th birthday, I was approached by a friends father about selling NSA water filters.  Went to the sales meeting, got involved, sold some filters.  Didn't sell many though! Whether the price was too high... or I just didn't know how to sell, that didn't last very long.


 As the years went by, I tried many different companies with many different products, all with the same result!  In the late 1990's I started learning everything I could about the internet.  Already having been trained at a young age on how to write simple programming on an Apple-IIc computer, way before silicon valley or the world wide web even existed.


 Eventually, In the process I became an affiliate for many different product developers.  I made good money!  But, from my previous experience I knew that the only way to make any real income, was to be the product developer, not just an affiliate.  About three months after I started learning everything involved with that process, Google... slammed the door on affiliate advertisements.  This made it more difficult to generate affiliate commissions, which were my main income.


 This was like a wake-up call.  I had already started the process of developing my own product... but, wasn't quite there yet.  Bad timing!  A little longer and I would have been "In The Clear".  So, I carried on with my goal of completing my first product.  I remember thinking to myself, "How could anyone succeed with all of these unknowns"?  Maybe I should create a product that teaches the steps required to do this.  That's how, became what it is today!


 My hopes were to create a website where people could come and go to share and learn the techniques needed to build an online presence, a.k.a. a website, so that they might be able to succeed in making "Better Cash From Home". 



So, Here We Go...


pic of me

Thank You For Your Valuable Time...







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