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 Hello Everyone, I'm David Tigner... and Welcome to Our Site!


  Over the years, I too, was once like many others... struggling, with a dreamy state-of-mind, with the attitude of I'm going to be a successful entrepreneur one day!  I kept thinking that the next big fix... it was just around the corner, but it wasn't.  What I have finally realized was that in order to be successful, I had quite a lot to learn... and wasn't sure just what all that entailed. 


 As the days, months, and years unfolded, I continued to become more frustrated.  Even though I had accomplished so much in the education process, it seemed like there was always something more to learn. The more I was going to be required to learn.  Sound Familiar?  I suddenly realized that you could spend the rest of your natural life trying to learn it all, and never achieve success.  It pains me to say this, but the odds of most entrepreneurs ever getting out of the "starving artists category", and actually becoming successful... are slim.  The odds are just stacked too high against you!   


 So... what are the most important things to take away from all of this?  Well, I guess you can go out there and try to re-create the wheel, by learning all of these pitfalls by yourself.  Another option would be for you to save your time, a lot of money, frustration, and learn from someone who has already been there and definitely done that!  


 The choice is yours to make.  Learning what, Why, and how is that important!  Prioritizing is where most people tend go wrong.  They neglect the stuff that's important, overlooking how important those things were.  


 I saw this as a HUGE Problem!  How could you ever see the light, if it was always dark outside?  Most people would go indoors... right?  Just Kidding.  No, Seriously, this is a BIG problem.  There's so many people out there following all kinds of advice.  Example;  Some of the Guru entrepreneurs will hype you up on a product of theirs for only $$$ and they will claim that this will fix ALL Your Problems.  


 I'm not saying that you can't learn something from them because I did!  What I'm trying to say is, it takes a lot of money to play in the same game where those guru's are used to playing.  Sometimes I think they forget that the little guy, is playing with a slightly different sized pocketbook.  


 Will some of there techniques work?  Sure they will!  Only if you have that type of money and that kind of time.  There is nothing wrong with learning from the Guru's, but you may want to wait on spending extravagant money on these products until you have put together a strong foundation.  Right now, you need to focus more on an entry level technique for success, and then add-on as you grow.  In other words, "swinging for the fences is great, but you have to build the fence first... ".   


 Anyone can start this type of endeavor... you just start small and build from the ground up!  Let me ask you a simple question.  Does a brand new company start off with a thousand or more employees?  No, they start with a handful... and then grow!  Your business shouldn't be any different.  We need to figure out where you start, and then help you grow.  It's that simple.  


 That's how, became what it is today!  My hopes were to create a website where people could come and go to share and learn the techniques needed to build an online presence, a.k.a. a website, so that they might be able to succeed in making "Better Cash From Home".


 We have been through so many trials in order to be able to help others with the learning curve required to be successful.  I would not wish the pain and suffering we have endured... Mental, Physical, and Financial... on even my worst enemies.


 Here are the facts... high failure rate among those who attempt an online business, and products that don't allow you to start with a solid foundation.  We have created a product to help make that success rate soar.  We would like to share with you what we have learned to help you create your own success.  If you're willing to learn, we are willing to teach. 

                          So,  Here We Go...

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 Thank You For Your Valuable Time...


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